House (16)

388.000€(2.923.386 kn)
House Plat
House Plat, Župa Dubrovačka, 204,40m2
320.000€(2.411.040 kn)
House Donja Dubrava
House Donja Dubrava, 210m2
House Gornja Batina, Zlatar, 65m2
240.000€(1.808.280 kn)
House Grad
House Grad, Šibenik, 130m2
1.250.000€(9.418.125 kn)
House Maksimir
House Maksimir, Rebar, 350m2
250.000€(1.883.625 kn)
House Podsused
House Podsused, Podsused - Vrapče, 131,50m2
400.000€(3.013.800 kn)
House Štikada
House Štikada, Lovinac, 78m2
410.000€(3.089.145 kn)
House Gornje Vrapče
House Gornje Vrapče, Črnomerec, 300m2
180.000€(1.356.210 kn)
House Veleškovec
House Veleškovec, Zlatar-Bistrica, 130m2
440.000€(3.315.180 kn)
House Donji Bukovac
House Donji Bukovac, Maksimir, 300m2
535.000€(4.030.957 kn)
House Črnomerec
House Črnomerec, 291,46m2
298.000€(2.245.281 kn)
House Kustošija
House Kustošija, Črnomerec, 192m2
575.000€(4.332.337 kn)
House Ksaver
House Ksaver, Gornji Grad - Medveščak, 303,92m2
370.000€(2.787.765 kn)
House Veliko Polje
House Veliko Polje, Zagreb - Okolica, 450m2
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